4 Ways An Electric Hydraulic Bending Machine Can Benefit The Environment

Modern consumers are more concerned with protecting the environment than ever before. Being able to reduce your company's negative impact on the environment can be a simple way to gain the edge over your competitors.

Electric hydraulic bending machines can be used to minimize your environmental impact without compromising your ability to accurately bend tubular pipes and conduits over time. Learn more about the environmental benefits an electric hydraulic bender can offer, then make the switch to one of these machines in your facility.

1. No Fluid Leaks

Many large pieces of machinery utilize a range of fluids to help ensure proper performance. It is not uncommon for a bending machine to spring a leak at some point during its operational life.

Fluid leaks have the potential to contaminate water runoff and alter the biochemical makeup of the soil surrounding your facility. Electric hydraulic bending machines, however, virtually eliminate the possibility of a leak.

You can promote environmental safety by making the switch to an electric bending machine.

2. Reduced Waste

Some bending machines can produce a lot of waste. Electric hydraulic bending machines are equipped with 3D bending software that allows your employees to input the optimum bending specifications. Using this software helps to get the bend radius and angle correct on the first try.

Waste is further reduced as a result of the electric bending machine's in-cycle spring-back compensation. This feature helps to eliminate the need for testing periods and wasted materials whenever you are completing a tooling changeover.

3. Reduced Power Consumption

Bending machines require power to function. An electric hydraulic bending machine minimizes power consumption by relying on a highly-efficient servo motor. These servo motors only draw power when it is needed to create immediate torque.

An electric bending machine can help you reduce your facility's power consumption, which will help to lower the demand for resources in your area. 

4. Fully Recyclable Components

Recycling is a great way to help the environment. Manufacturing companies have a tendency to overlook their machinery when it comes to recycling, but these pieces of equipment can be valuable resources.

An electric hydraulic bending machine is made from components that can each be recycled at the end of the machine's usable life. Recycling bending machine components helps to reduce the demand for new metal, which can have a positive impact on the environment.

Invest in an electrical hydraulic bender to make your facility more eco-friendly.

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