Which Wood Chipper Is Best?

After spending time moving tree branches and twigs around and out of the way of your work, you might be looking for another solution for clearing sites. Wood chippers can break down the wood you find on different work sites so that wood no longer has to present a problem. Which wood chipper is appropriate for your construction business?

Gas or Electric

One thing to immediately focus on is whether you'll be using an electric or gas chipper. Both can work, but each way of powering the machines is better for particular purposes. For example, electric chippers can work quickly on twigs and smaller wood pieces. Perhaps more importantly, electric models are typically light enough to move from site to site without too much of an issue. They're also easy to maintain.

Gas chippers, in contrast, are typically larger, harder to move and will need to be assessed frequently for different maintenance tasks. However, if your company is regularly dealing with huge tree branches, a gas chipper can more easily handle large pieces. Often, gas chippers have more power than electric models. 

Input Capability

A chipper with a small chute might seem like an affordable choice, but when you've got a ton of wood to process, it won't help. Small chutes are typically better for residential purposes and you should shift your attention to those chippers with greater input capabilities.

Output Size

Chipping the wood is just part of the work you'll need to do to clean up work sites. You'll have to deal with the smaller pieces the chipper produces. This can sometimes be very easy; a chipper with a high reduction ratio can break wood down into fine bits which can be used as mulch around bushes and trees. If you're okay with larger pieces coming out of the chipper because you'll use it for other purposes, you may not need to consider reduction ratios too much.


You should look for accessories and features which simplify the chipping process. For instance, some models allow bag attachments so that you don't have to bag the wood chips manually. Your commercial chipper should have a hitch of some kind so that it's easily transported to new sites.

Chippers make handling wood on work sites easier. These details should settle some issues for you and encourage a more confident purchasing decision. Take the time to fully research the wood chippers for sale so you can find the right one for your needs.

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