4 Factors Small Business Should Consider About Flatbed Services

Small companies are typically not in a position to set up their own transportation department. It is generally cost-prohibitive. It is also much more convenient to simply outsource their shipping to a professional trucking company. If you have products that need to be shipped on a flatbed, it's an even more financially wise decision to farm out the work to the experts. Here is what you should know about shipping your flatbed loads.

1. What Are The Restrictions For A Flatbed Load?

In the United States, semi-truck trailers are either 48 or 53-feet long. A load can be 102 inches wide as well as 102 inches, or 8'6". As for the weight limit, it typically cannot be over 45,000 pounds.

2. Why Are These Restrictions Important?

These considerations are important to know. This is because anything wider, taller, or heavier that these standards will be considered an oversized load. These loads will require special permitting, with cost considerably more, and may need to take alternative routes to reach their destination. It's usually doable, but the logistics become far more complex.

These factors should also be kept in mind when your company bids on a project if the customer wants your product, only on a larger scale. You may be able to make modifications to your design that will reduce the additional cost and potential logistics nightmare.

3. Your Load Could Still Be Considered Oversized

Even if you meet the height, width, and weight restrictions, your load could still be considered oversized. This is because of the laws governing the weight displacement on a semi-trailer. A load could be 45,000 pounds or less, but if it is "top-heavy," it could weigh more per axel than is allowed.

Sometimes, adjusting the load so that the weight of the load is more evenly spread out over the axels will fix the problems, but this isn't always possible, especially if the product cannot be taken apart. These factors should be considered in your manufacturing process. Situations like this are also a good reason for working with the same shipper; this way they can advise you through the process.

4. Oversized Loads May Need Escorts

When an oversized load cannot be avoided, in addition to seeking the proper permits, there are other conditions that must be met before transport can begin. Escorts are vehicles that go ahead of the load and alert both the flatbed driver and the general public. They let the driver know if there is a bridge, construction zone, or accident ahead. Their presence also lets other drivers know a wide load is coming.

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