Building A She-Shed Or Granny Room? Equipment Rentals You Will Need

She-sheds and granny rooms are becoming hot items these days. Women, who are both caregivers to children and aging parents, are recognizing the need to have parents closer to home for ease of care, and the knowledge that they need to take care of themselves better. If you are planning to build either of these nice little abodes on your property, you will be undertaking quite a bit of construction work. To make things cheaper, you should rent your construction equipment. Here is the list of equipment rentals you will need for either of these two projects.

A Mini-Excavator

If you want your she-shed or granny room to have plumbing, you will need to do some excavation to install the plumbing. You will also need to create a level area to install the concrete slab that typically forms the floor of either of these structures. A mini-excavator will do the trick, and you will not need a week-long course to learn how to use it either.

A Tree Stump Grinder

If, upon excavating your yard, you discover some old tree stumps in the way, they will have to be ground down. A tree stump grinder is a heavy duty machine that essentially "eats" the stump into sawdust. Take a break from leveling the ground and use the grinder to get rid of the tricky stumps. The longevity of your she-shed or granny room depends upon it.

A Portable Concrete Mixer

You have probably seen a portable concrete mixer once or twice. Contractors use them to mix and pour concrete for walkways and sidewalk slabs. When your construction site is complete with pipes and is level, rent the mixer to mix and pour your concrete slab.

A Crane

Many she-sheds and granny rooms come partially built, but because of their weight, you will need some help erecting these components. Rent a crane to lift the roof and walls into position.

A Table Saw

In the event that your new structure is going to need a lot of material cutting, a table saw will make short work of it. You can rent just the saw, or rent the saw and two sawhorses to provide stability for the saw underneath. Make sure you place the saw someplace level so that it does not fall off the sawhorses and head right into you. It is often best to rent the saw for one day, make all the cuts you are required to cut via the building instructions, and then take the saw back.

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