Planning For Power With Careful Consideration - Advantages Of Pole Mounted Transformers

The electrical poles that dot the American landscape have been a part of our field of vision for so long that it may be difficult to remember there are alternate methods of power distribution and regulation available. When it comes to constructing a new electrical system, the deliberation between ground transformers and pole mounted transformers will be a part of your thought process that you need to be prepared to handle.

Below, you'll find a guide to some of the advantages of choosing to install pole mounted transformers in your new electrical setup. Hopefully, these suggestions offer you the peace of mind of knowing that your electricity will be stable and your equipment will be well maintained.

Increased Supply

Installing new utilities access is a relatively rare event, and so if you're involved in the construction of a power supply, you need to take into account needs beyond those of your project. Future construction will likely also rely on the transformer you select, so maximum access should be a factor.

By selecting a pole mounted transformer, you'll see easier distribution through the installation of necessary lines. Ground based transformers are likely to be far more localized and less able to serve the surrounding areas, creating frustration when future projects need to tap into your developing electrical grid.

Decreased Risk

A great deal of voltage is processed through a transformer, making it a potential hazard for anyone who comes too close. In areas where many children or animals are present, they may mistake a ground based transformer for a climbing structure or other play area and then suffer disastrous consequences.

Irresponsible playing on or around a transformer isn't the only risk that's heightened by keeping it on the ground. Environmental factors, such as fires, are more likely to occur where there are more ignition sources. By mounting your transformer on a pole, you minimize some of those risks by isolating your incredibly important electrical equipment.

Space Saving

Ultimately, an electrical system which can handle a high capacity but is also fairly unobtrusive is the best sort of system. Almost everyone wants their electricity to work without having to think too hard about how to make it work, and that means minimizing the space that's taken up by heavy equipment like a transformer. By selecting a pole mounted model, you can free up clearance on the ground for further construction, leisure areas, or simply green space that people in the vicinity are able to enjoy.

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