Wheels For The Win: Why The Wheelbarrow Air Compressor Is A Must For Most Worksites

When buying air compressors, you have a lot of options, but one type of air compressor that every worksite should have is the wheelbarrow compressor. This is a twin-tank model that sits on one wheel and two legs, and you can wheel it almost anywhere. This type of compressor allows you greater flexibility when working on projects due to its strength-preserving features and its excellent capacity.

Save Your Strength and Your Health

Rather than lifting and carrying the whole air compressor, or strapping it to your back, you can simply lift up the handles and push the compressor where it needs to go. If you have a large compressor that's very heavy, the wheel and handles let you conserve your strength and not stress out joints or muscles. Sure, you can get smaller, lighter compressors, but they might not have the capacity or power you need. Wheelbarrow compressors can be quite big.

Mid-Range Portability

Of course, sometimes you don't need a huge compressor, but a small one won't do, either -- and the equipment you need to run is in an area that isn't very accessible. Wheelbarrow compressors offer the ease of transport that you get from huge truck-mounted compressors with the portability of smaller compressors because the wheel helps it go almost everywhere. There may still be situations in which you can't wheel anything over to the equipment, so a mid-size, lighter wheelbarrow compressor that you can lift if needed could work well for you.

Twin-Tank Functionality

Wheelbarrow compressors use a twin-tank model, so if one tank has a problem, the other tank may still work. You get better capacity as well, compared to a single-tank or pancake compressor. The elongated look of the twin tanks also keeps the compressor streamlined, so you're not dealing with bulky sides that stick out as you move the compressor around all your equipment.

Overall, the wheelbarrow-style air compressor offers that nice combination of portability, usability, safety, and functionality that you so often need on your worksite. You may benefit from having a couple of different styles of compressor at the ready, but it is really helpful if one of those styles is the wheelbarrow. Evaluate your worksite and the equipment that requires an air compressor for operation. See how many items would be usable with a wheelbarrow compressor versus other styles, and talk to manufacturers about the different models and features you can get. Visit websites like http://www.compressedair-systems.com to learn more.

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