What To Consider When Hiring A Crane Company For Your Construction Project

If you need cranes to complete your next construction project, you'll want to find one particular company to work with who can meet all of your needs so you don't have to work with multiple companies. Here are a few important things to consider when consulting with potential crane companies and deciding which one to hire:

What Types of Cranes are Available?

When comparing prospective crane companies to work with on your apartment construction project, it's important to determine what kinds of cranes will be available throughout the project timeline. You may have a clear idea of what types of cranes you'll need during the project, but things may change, and you might find yourself in need of a crane that wasn't in the original plans. Look for a company to work with that has access to as many different types of cranes as possible such as:

  • Crawler Cranes
  • Rough-Terrain Cranes
  • Aerial Cranes
  • Tower Cranes

Ask each prospective crane company you consult with to provide you with a comprehensive list of crane types that are available through their company. It's also important to find out which ones can be rented for use when the company isn't onsite working. You can then compare those lists side-by-side at the office to determine which company is likely to provide you with the most flexibility.

How Much Notice is Required?

If you don't plan on having the crane company onsite every day that your project is being worked on, find out how much notice is going to be required when you do want to request their services. Will you be able to count on same-day service, or will you have to provide 24-hours or more notice when you need some crane equipment and operators onsite? Will there be any extra fees for last-minute requests?

Is there any guarantee that the cranes you may need during construction will be available to you within a specific period of time after requesting them? These answers to these questions should make it easy for you to decide whether or not a prospective company will be able to meet your needs and expectations throughout the entire construction project.

Who Will Be Operating the Cranes?

You need to know who will be operating the cranes if your own crew won't be doing so and you'll be utilizing service providers hired by the crane company you decide to work with. Get a list of crew members you can expect to be on the job site and corresponding licensing, education, and experience information for each of them. This will give you a clear idea of how each worker will perform, how reliable they'll be, and whether or not they have a track record that makes them trustworthy. If possible, schedule a second consultation meeting with the companies you're leaning toward hiring so you can meet the crew members in person before making any commitments.

Are Any Insurance Policies Offered?

There is always a chance of accidents and damage to building materials on a construction site, especially when cranes are concerned due to their size and strength. It's a good idea to find out whether or not any insurance policies are available through the potential crane companies you consult with.

If you will have access to insurance policies through some of the prospective service providers you speak with, inquire about their pricing, deductibles, and what's covered so you can compare your options to one another. If possible, get copies of the actual insurance policies from each company you are considering working with so you can have your lawyer look through them and make recommendations.

With these considerations in mind, while consulting with prospective crane companies like A C Jones Trucking Inc, you should be able to get the information you need that helps you determine which service provider will offer you the most bang for your buck overall. 

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